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Room Sprays

Hey, Wax Melt Fan! We hope by now you’ve tried our Wax Melts and adore them. Now we would like to introduce our range of Room Sprays! If you’ve been seeking high-quality, fly around the room fragrances then you’re going to love our range of Rooms Sprays.

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Original price was: £7.49.Current price is: £6.49.

Original price was: £7.49.Current price is: £6.49.

Original price was: £7.49.Current price is: £6.49.

Original price was: £7.49.Current price is: £6.49.

Everyone likes their home to feel cosy, warm and welcoming. Whether it’s a traditional cottage in a village hidden down a country lane or a high rise apartment with an open plan kitchen.

Whether you have just finished decorating, bought that dream sofa to finish off redesigning your living space, A strong scented room spray from Scrubaadub can make a huge difference. It can make you feel happy, improve your mood and add character to a room so easily.

Room Sprays can be used to freshen up a room, create a relaxing atmosphere and enhance the ambiance of any space. They are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens to create a cosy and inviting environment.

Manufactured in house With Deionised Ultra Pure Water and blended with Strong Scented Fragrance Our Room Sprays are great to use around the house to freshen a room up or sneak one to use in your car for an instant burst of freshness!

Expecting guests around any minute? Have a quick blitz around the house by spraying any throws, curtains, bed linen; the choice is all yours.

Or go all in for maximum effect, match up your favourite Room Spray and same scent Wax Melt and burn away!

Which fragrance is best for room sprays?

Bubblegum most definitely. No, cherry! It’s cherry, has to be. This question always starts a mini argument at Scrubaadub Headquarters.

This will be down to the user- the choice is yours!

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