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Hey, Wax Melt Fan! If you’ve been seeking high-quality, powerful wax melts meticulously hand-poured in the UK, then you’ve stumbled upon the right spot! Our aromas aren’t just robust, they’re uniquely crafted and linger for ages, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Enriched with natural extracts, our wax melts elevate the olfactory experience to another level. But hey, why just talk about it? Dive into our collection and let the fragrances speak for themselves!

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Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

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Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £2.80.

What Are Wax Melts?

Interested in Buying Wax Melts? Or Just Curious Why a Friend loves using them?

Then Read along!

Everyone likes their home to feel cosy, warm and welcoming. Whether it’s a traditional cottage in a village hidden down a country lane or a high rise apartment with an open plan kitchen.

Whether you have just finished decorating, bought that dream sofa to finish off redesigning your living space, a discreet wax warmer plugged into a corner of a room can make a huge difference. It can make you feel happy, improve your mood and add character to a room so easily.

Wax melts can be used to freshen up a room, create a relaxing atmosphere, eliminate unpleasant odours, and enhance the ambiance of any space. They are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens to create a cosy and inviting environment.

You may of heard of Wax Melts being described as soy wax melts, candle melts or candle tarts.

The Best Wax Melts in UK for a Fragrant Home

Welcome to our curated collection of the best wax melts in UK! Elevate your home ambiance with our handpicked selection of luxurious wax melts designed to fill your space with delightful fragrances. Crafted with care and precision, our wax melts promise to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience, leaving your home smelling fresh and inviting.

Hand-Poured in the UK: Safe, Natural, and Eco-Friendly Wax Melts

Discover the essence of safety, nature, and eco-friendliness with our hand-poured wax melts in UK. We prioritize purity by avoiding harmful substances like paraffin, commonly found in commercial brands. Instead, we embrace natural ingredients, ensuring a clean and sustainable fragrance experience you can trust.

What Are Our Strong Scented Wax Melts Made Of?

Our Wax Melts are made from natural soy wax which is a sustainable material. Our Wax Melts are vegan and completely biodegradable.

Scrubaadub use only use the best soy wax available from carefully selected bulk suppliers. We use soy wax instead of paraffin wax and bees wax because it releases the scent from the wax melts in UK.

We are conscious as to where our ingredients come from and we keep up to date stock levels that are accurate due to Scrubaadub being the manufacturer in house and not a re-seller.

We truly believe that our Wax Melts make great birthday gifts packed with care and attention or use in your own home to make that favourite room extra special.

How to Use Wax Melts

To use Scrubaadub Wax Melts, please first read the safety label on the back of the packaging.

Then place the Wax into either an electric wax burner or a candle wax burner.

Leave the Wax to melt and within five minutes you will smell the strong scented fragrance being released from the Wax Melt.

Which Type of Wax Burner Should I Use?

There are two types of Wax Burners that are generally used. One has advantages over the other and the other has advantages over the other if that makes sense. It will wholly depend on what the end user prefers and the members of the household.

Candle Wax Burners do release the fragrance slightly quicker. Due to the heat the wax melts better and also melts alot faster.

Although we mentioned Candle Wax Burners melt the wax alot faster this doesn’t mean that the fragrance doesn’t last as long as melting wax in an electric wax burner.

Electric wax burners are more safe to use due to not using an open flame. They use a minimal amount of energy. 

You can turn the wax warmer off and re-heat the wax whenever you want to. The fragrance will still be circulated around the room.

Which Type of Wax Melt Burner Is The Best?

Having tested Candle Wax Burners versus Electric Wax Burners we at Scrubaadub prefer to use a Candle Wax Burner due to the candles ability and the heat generated to melt the wax better.

Every home is different so please consider where you aim to place the wax burner. Consider young children, curtains near open windows and aquatic life.

Once the fragrance scent has diminished; to remove the wax at room temperature gently heat the wax for 30 seconds to soften the wax and scoop out the wax using kitchen roll or cotton wool.

So you’ve read all of the above info and you are still with us. 

The big question is which scent is going to be your all time favourite?

Scrubaadub offer a range of wax melts. We believe their is truly something for everyone.

Our Handmade Hand Poured Wax Melts can make your home smell like a bakery, or that favourite perfume that you really like or a scent from a sweet shop. We even have fairground favourites such as Candy Floss and Pear Drops. Did someone say Rhubarb & Custard? Yep we’ve got that too!

So what’s your favourite scent? Still Not Sure? Not a problem. You can buy our wax melts in a range of shapes and sizes. Subscribe to our website to receive info on new products and special offers. Be the first to know!

You can start small with our Mini Donuts, Mini Bars, and Pot Shots.

You can also explore Our Range Mini Wax Bars, Donuts and Ice Lollies.

Then you have our standard size snap bars right up to our large bubble bars and millions range.

You can make up a collection of our sample sizes and your usual favourites. Once above £25 you get free delivery anywhere in the UK.

For Maximum Cosyness, why not go all in and buy Our Carpet Fresheners too!

We also have some great Room Sprays and Bath Rocks too.

If you are looking for a Birthday Gift then try our Handmade Wax Melts. When you buy our Wax Melts you can be assured that they will be strong scented. We simply don’t believe in making an inferior item to be used or giving to someone as a birthday, christmas or mothers day gift.

Explore Our Range From Mini Wax Snap Bars, Donuts, Bubblegum Millions. Prices Start From £1.00. Make Up A Bundle Mix & Match. Have Fun!

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