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Carpet Fresheners

Hey, Wax Melt Fan! We hope by now you’ve tried our Wax Melts and adore them. Now we would like to introduce our range of Carpet Fresheners!

If you’ve been seeking high-quality, fly around the room fragrances then you’re going to love our range of Carpet Fresheners and Hoover Discs.

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Dirt, dust, and debris can clog the carpets and your favourite rug that can then compromise the airflow, especially near the walls where air needs to move the most. This can cause stuffiness, make odours ten times worse and make the rooms in your home unpleasant.

What Are Carpet Fresheners.

Scrubaadub’s range of Carpet Fresheners make a real difference to any room with a rug or a carpet.

Scrubaadub’s Carpet Fresheners are a strong scented powder that can be used throughout the year. 

Why not go with the seasons and use Spring Awakening or use our Strawberry & Lily Carpet Freshener– kinda smells like your fresh laundry basket.

Regular carpet cleaning & rug cleaning can help you feel more relaxed and refreshed, leading to a better quality of life. Additionally, a clean and hygienic home can reduce stress and anxiety, which are also significant factors that can impact your overall health and well-being.

Our Carpet Fresheners are made in house by our very selves, using the best natural but powerful ingredients blended with the strongest fragrance possible to make your carpets feel fresh.

Our aromas aren’t just robust, they’re uniquely crafted and linger for ages, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Enriched with natural extracts, our Carpet Fresheners elevate the aroma experience to another level. But hey, why just talk about it? Dive into our collection and let the fragrances speak for themselves!

How To Use Carpet Fresheners

Please read the instructions on the back of the packaging. Open the packaging carefully and sprinkle a generous amount around your desired room.

Wait ten minutes for the Carpet Freshener to settle into the fibres of the carpet then begin to hoover. Sit back and smell the fragrance.

For stronger smells & odours leave the carpet freshener to dwell for thirty minutes before vacuuming.

Are Carpet Fresheners Safe To Use With Pets?

Absolutely, we have cats ourselves, we use our Carpet Fresheners in the same house. When applying the Carpet Freshener and vacuuming it is best practice to make sure our furry friends are not in the same room.

What are hoover discs? 

Hoover discs are fragranced discs that you add to your hoover/vaccum cleaner to make any dusty hoover smell disappear and make it smell amazing. Hoover Discs can be used in any vacuum cleaner.

Hoover discs are particularly good at removing wet animal smell odour.

How To Use Hoover Discs

Open the packaging containing the Hoover Discs carefully. 

Place one Hoover Disc inside the filter part of the vacuum cleaner so it touches the fabric/foam part of the filtration system.

Close the filter opening making sure it is closed fully and is secure. 

Start vacuuming the room and instantly you will smell the difference.

Hoover discs last approximately three hours of constant vacuuming.

Once the Hoover Disc comes to the end of use, it is advisable to dispose of the disc in the bin although not essential when replacing with a fresh Hoover Disc. 

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