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What Are Sizzlers?

Scrubaadub Sizzlers are Simmering Granules that are a natural salt based product with added colour and fragrance.

Simmering granules are in fact salt granules which have been infused with colour and fragrance.

Do Simmering Granules Melt?

Sizzlers do not melt as they are infused salt base granules.

How to use Sizzlers

Our Sizzlers are very easy to use. Just simply put about 1-2  teaspoons of granules in your burner and let them fill your room with an amazing scent. You can keep using the same sizzlers until u cant smell them anymore.

To clean out you just empty them in the bin and then wipe out your burner then you can add more or even try a new scent in your burner.

Which Type of Wax Burner Is Best For Sizzlers?

You can use our simmering granules in your tealight candle burner or electric wax burner.

A candle or electric wax burner will both do an amazing job of releasing the fragrance although here at Scrubaadub we have found that when using an electric burner it takes a little longer for the scent to fill the room.

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