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Love Me Love Me Mini Wax Melts

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Love Me Love Me Mini Wax Melts are a fruity floral composition with notes of sweet orange, juicy peach and hints of mango resting on a mouth watering mix of apricot, strawberry and plum.

Harmonised with Lilac And Lily Of the Valley, Finished off with an aroma of Sensual Musk and Vanilla.

In the realm of scented dreams, behold, Love Me Love Me Mini Wax Melts, a story untold, Within these tiny treasures, magic gleams, A symphony of fragrances fit for queens.

Love Me Love Me Strong Mini Wax Melts are Available in a variety of sizes for you to enjoy or to buy as a gift.

Make that room feel cosy, fresh and welcoming!


Love Me Love Me Mini Wax Melts

Scrubaadub use only the best soy wax available from carefully selected bulk suppliers.

We use soy wax in our wax melts instead of paraffin wax and bees wax because it releases the scent from the wax melt more consistently.

You can buy Wax Melts From Scrubaadub with confidence.

We are conscious as to where our ingredients come from and we keep up to date stock levels that are accurate due to Scrubaadub being the manufacturer in house and not a re-seller.

How to Use Our Strong Scented Wax Melts

To use Scrubaadub Wax Melts, please first read the safety label on the back of the packaging.

Then place the Wax into either an electric wax burner or a candle wax burner.

Leave the Wax to melt and within five minutes you will smell the strong scented fragrance being released from the Wax Melt.

approx 10g

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 6 × 0.5 cm

Pink, Purple

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